Garcia Riera joins the Iniciativa Española Empresa y Biodiversidad (Spanish Business and Biodiversity Initiative)

In our continuing efforts to promote sustainability and conservation of the ambient environment, we announce that Garcia Riera has decided to join the Iniciativa Española Empresa y Biodiversidad (IEEB). This membership, based on the knowledge formula, reflects our new commitment to the protection and conservation of biodiversity, and allows us to contribute significantly to the development of sustainable and respectful business practices.

The IEEB, driven by the Fundación Biodiversidad del Ministerio for the Transición Ecológica and the Reto Demográfico de España, has as its object to involucrar a las empresas en la promotion y adopción de medidas que favorezcan la biodiversity. To integrate into this initiative, we compromise to incorporate the conservation of biodiversity into new business strategies and new business operations. This includes the adoption of sustainable practices that minimize environmental impacts and collaboration with other organizations to share knowledge and discover innovative solutions. In addition, we maintain transparency in our actions and results, we promote innovation in products and processes to drive sustainability, and we educate and raise awareness of our community about the importance of biodiversity.

Our participation in the IEEB does not involve any compromise with sustainability, but also with its commitment to the conservation of biodiversity. We agree that, in sharing and expanding our knowledge of sustainable business practices, we can contribute in a way that is significant to the welfare of the planet and the development of a more green and prosperous future for all.

Our membership in the IEEB is a crucial step to strengthen our mission to protect the environment. We continue to work with dedication and responsibility to implement innovative and sustainable solutions that generate a positive impact on biodiversity and society.

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Actions that demonstrate our COMMITMENT to the ENVIRONMENT

Garcia Riera has joined the Pacto por una Economía Circular through the Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico.

This Pact is born from the commitment of the economic and social agents that the Government of Spain signed with the European Commission within the framework of the European Growth Strategy 2020, of the Commission, and the so-called Roadmap towards a Europe efficient in the use of the resources.

The Pact for a Circular Economy aims to promote collaboration and coordination between economic and social agents and public administrations with the aim of jointly addressing environmental, economic and technological challenges.

The public and private entities adhering to this Pact commit to promoting the transition towards a circular economy, through the sending of a series of environmental, economic and social indicators that determine the degree of involvement with the eight commitments of the Pact and the degree of advance in the matter.

European Regional Development Fund

Programa SOSTENIBILIDAD 2023 de la Cámara de Comercio de Tarragona.

GARCIA RIERA SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to promote research, technological development and innovation, and thanks to which it has launched the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan to support the creation and consolidation of innovative companies during the year 2023. For this, it has had the support of the SUSTAINABILITY 2023 program of the Tarragona Chamber of Commerce.

Una manera de hacer Europa 

We build sustainability

We believe in a new model of sustainable construction, where all our projects have several factors that contribute to improving the sustainability of the planet.

At the domestic level, in employment policies, equality and promotion opportunities, the company will follow the SDGs as a model of sustainable cohesion. The main objective is to make everyone in the company, customers and suppliers aware of the need to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of our environment.

For this reason, we incorporate into our projects systems of waste use, energy efficiency, water use and circular economy.

Below you can see all the projects carried out, as well as articles related to sustainable construction.